Introduction To Sunlong Fresh Foods PTY LTD

Sunlong began as a Trading as business in 1993, located in a small unit in Cannington. Sunlong at that stage was catering for a small niche market in the hospitality industry, dealing with the prestigious account of the Ogden Corp, supplying Wholesale fruit and vegetables and an array of personalised hand and machine processed fruit and vegetables.

The proprietor of Sunlong began to recognise a real need within the industry for high quality wholesale and tailor made processed fruit and vegetables, both by machine and by hand. It was this realisation and sheer dedicated determination to provide high quality wholesale and value added products at a fair price, which has led Sunlong to where it is today.

In 1995 Sunlong made the transition and relocated to the Canningvale Markets with strategic implementations involving cost cutting (i.e. transport costs), grower and market agent affiliation.

It was at this stage where Sunlongs current General Manager Peter Zappia was recruited, having known the proprietor since Sunlongs initiation with the original idea for Sunlong, being a tailer made solution to cost cutting in the wholesale and hand cut produce sector. Prior to the commitment with Sunlong, Peter's background was as a professional chef with executive roles. This experience gave Sunlong the understanding into what was desired by the Hospitality industry.

The proprietor Mark Sun had a number of years commercial experience as a manager in Fruit and vegetable processing For Top Fresh Foods, but found their quality and scope limited. Mark had previously managed large textile plants in China and is very familiar with the running of a large corporation.

In 1997 Sunlong had expanded enough to warrant the expertise of a full time professional accountant, Tom Tan has been instrumental in devising our accounts department, business strategies and financial planning. Sunlong uses a purpose made sales database in access 2000, basically due to its flexibility and scope. Tom had also introduced the MYOB programme with all updates for our accounts.

In 1998 Sunlong Employed and Basil Borgomastro with 25 years experience, in running fruit and vegetable wholesale and retail business. This background helped give the experience in produce that is required to make a business such as ours so successful.

In 2000 Sunlong took over the lease on a Fruit and vegetable retail shop in the Canningvale Markets, this development greatly improved our operations due to the fact that our stock levels were maximised and turnover of produce expedient.

Our staffing levels are currently:

  • Retail: 15pax
  • Wholesale: 8pax
  • Processing: 9pax
  • Office: 3pax
  • Management: 3pax
  • Sales: 2pax
  • Onion Blowing (Coles Woolworth’s division): 6pax
  • Drivers: 4pax + 2Cas + Courier services
  • In total there are 6 professional Chefs and Cooks employed by Sunlong, they also offer technical support and advise to our customers.

    At 1.30am October 30/2000 The premises for our wholesale and processing business was completely lost due to fire. We subsequently shifted to our retail section, and with the help of the Market Authority, with adjoining warehouse space we succeeded in recalling all of our customers and finished the last delivery at 2.30pm of that day, A task that many of our competitors and onlookers thought impossible. Sunlong had absolutely nothing to work with except for the sheer determination and integrity of its staff. Since that day we have rebuilt Sunlong in the adjoining warehouse of our retail sector. With this move came a lot of improvements lending towards HCCAP accreditation.

    Our sales team of Paul Lydiat and Tony Perry have only recently joined Sunlong, having had experience in servicing the hospitality Industry for more than 30 years. This brings total professionalism to the service of our clients.

    Sunlong sources its produce from two main areas

  • Perth Metropolitan Markets
  • Grower Suppliers
  • Being located within the Perth Market City, we have the advantage of accessing stock on any given day. This is supported by our grower content which again is accessed daily.

    Sunlong now encompasses 1200 square meters of floor space, including

    12 double tunnel cool rooms, 4 separate cool rooms running different temperatures for the handling of different produce, totalling 600 square meters of floor space, 100 square meters of floor space for our loading area, 200 square meters for our onion blowing, 120 square meters processing room, 120 square meters upstairs offices, 100 square meters wholesale packing area, and 200square meters for our onion blowing division which indirectly supplies Coles, Woolworths.

    Sunlong Vehicle Fleet

    Sunlong also uses its own refrigerated delivery service, we currently have 4 refrigerated trucks, 2 express vans and 3 express wagons.