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DescriptionQty SupDescriptionQty SupDescriptionQty Sup
Apple Granny Smith Apple Hi Early Apple Pink Lady 
Apple R/Delicious Apple Royal Gala Apple Sundowner 
Pineapple Pineapple Bethonga Gold Cabbage Green 
Cabbage Green Shredded Cabbage Red Cabbage Red Diced 
Cabbage Red Sliced Cabbage Savoy Carrot Gaufrette 
Carrot Roast 1/4 H/Cut Carrot Spaghetti Spirals Casserole Mix Number 50 
Chard Rainbow Apple Granny Smith each Fruit Bowl 150gm 
Orange Peeled Sliced Kg Paw Paw Green Peeled Pieces Rockmelon Diced 30mm 
Lettuce Buttercrunch Lettuce Coral Green Lettuce Coral Green Washed 
Lettuce Coral Red Lettuce Coral Red Washed Lettuce Cos 
Lettuce Cos Baby Lettuce Cos Baby Washed Lettuce Cos Washed 
Lettuce Festival Green Lettuce Festival Green Washed Lettuce Festival Red 
Lettuce Festival Red Washed Lettuce Hand Cut Lettuce Iceberg 
Lettuce Iceberg Lettuce Iceberg Shredded Lettuce Iceberg Washed Gas Flush 
Lettuce Minuette Lettuce Radicchio Mesclun Iceberg Mix 
Onion Baby Onion Baby Peeled Onion Brown 
Onion Brown Diced Onion Brown Hand Cut Cube Onion Brown Peeled 
Onion Brown Rings Onion Brown Sliced Onion Brown x 20kg 
Onion Red Onion Red Diced Onion Red Diced 30mm x 30mm 
Onion Red Peeled Onion Red Rings Onion Red Sliced 
Onion Spring (Washed) Onion Spring Sliced Hand Cut Onion Sprouts 
Onion White Onion White Diced Onion White Peeled 
Onion White Sliced Onion White Sliced 1/2 Moon Panache Vegetable No Cauliflower 
Potato Coarse Shredded Potato Cream Peeled 90-100g Potato Peeled Yellow 50mm 
Potato Sweet Peeled Chunks 50mm Potato White Peeled Potato Yellow Peeled 1/2 Cut 
Potato Sweet Sushi Strips 210mm x 10mm Pineapple Peeled Pineapple Slice 20gm 
Pineapple Sliced Pineapple Sliced Pineapple Sliced 30gm 
Cucumber Lebabese Sliced Pumpkin Baton 4cm x 3cm x 1cm Asian Julienne Vegetables 
Carrot Purple Disc 10mm Kale Cut 18mm Parsley Italian Chopped Kg 
Potato Red Diced 20mm x 20mm Pumpkin Japanese Wedge 400g Pumpkin Japanese Wedge 800g 
Pumpkin Chunks Peeled 1/4 cut 6cm x 4cm Pumpkin Peeled Portions Jap 50mm Pumpkin Peeled Portions QLD 50mm 
Pumpkin Spaghetti Spirals Black Box Asian Crispy Noodle on Chard and Spinach Black Box Asian Salmon and Soba Noodle on Slaw 
Black Box Bowtie Pasta with Pesto & Roast Chicken Black Box Char Sui Pork Vege and Crispy Noodle Black Box Chicken Soy Noodle w Carrot and Cucumber 
Black Box Freekeh with Sumac Chicken and Roast Cap Black Box Moroccan Chicken W Roast Caps Cous Cous Black Box Paella with Sumac Chicken 
Black Box Pasta Spirals with Pesto and Tuna Black Box Thai Beef Fruit Salad 
Onion Brown 1/4 Sliced H/Cut Salad Asian Crispy Noodle Salad Bean Mixed 
Salad Caesar With Chicken Salad Cajun Macaroni Remote Sites Salad Cheese Coleslaw 
Salad Coleslaw Fresh Fields Salad Coleslaw Gourmet Salad Cous Cous and Quinoa 
Salad Crib Thai Beef Remote Sites Salad Crib Thai Chicken Noodle Salad Freekeh w Sumac Chicken & Roast Cap kg 
Salad Fruit Diced H/C Salad Fruit J Class Diced Salad Garden 
Salad Garden Bowl Salad Garden Brightwater 250gm Salad Garden Brightwater 800gm 
Salad Garden Platter Salad Garden Remote Sites Salad Garden with Fetta Olives Tomato Remote Sites 
Salad Greek Salad Ham & Lentil w Balsamic Salad Ham & Lentil w Char Grilled Vege 
Salad Hawaiian Rice Salad Mix CY O'Connor Salad Moroccan Chic Pea, Lentil & Cous Cous 
Salad Moroccan Chicken w Roast Veg & Cous Cous ea Salad Moroccan Chicken w Roast Veg & Cous Cous kg Salad Moroccan Lentil and Chic Pea 1kg 
Salad Moroccan Sweet Potato and Chic Pea Salad Muffaletta Orecchiette and Chorizo Salad Oven Baked 
Salad Paella w Sumac Chicken Salad Pasta Club Chicken 1KG Salad Pasta Hawaiian 
Salad Pasta Italian Salad Pasta Mediteranian Salad Pasta Mexican 
Salad Pasta Ranch & Roasted Vege Salad Pasta Spiral w Pesto & Tuna Salad Pasta Spiral with Shrimp Remote Sites 
Salad Pasta Vegoni Pesto Salad Pasta w Roquette Salad Potato Country 
Salad Potato Creamy Yoghurt Salad Potato Crunchy Salad Potato Crunchy Remote Sites 
Salad Potato German Salad Potato Loaded and Baked Salad Potato Pesto 
Salad Potato Russian 1kg Salad Potato Thousand Island Salad Potato Traditional 
Salad Roast Beef & Vegetable Salad Tabbouleh Salad Thai Beef 
Salad Thai Beef Remote Sites Salad Thai Chicken Noodle 1kg Salad Vietnamese Chicken 1kg 
Spinach Shredded Tomato Box x 10kg Tomato Heirloom 
Potato Sweet Sliced 6mm Pumpkin Whole Peeled 1/4 Cut Roast Vege Mix 40mm Cut Lengh Ways 
Roast Vegetable Mix 3cm Salad Mix Murdoch Diced 20mm Soft Vegetable Mix 
Soup Mix 1 Ramsay Soup Mix 11 Ramsay Soup Mix 12 Ramsay 
Soup Mix 13 Ramsay Soup Mix 14 Ramsay Soup Mix 15 Ramsay 
Soup Mix 16 Ramsay Soup Mix 17 Ramsay Soup Mix 18 Ramsay 
Soup Mix 19 Ramsay Soup Mix 2 Ramsay Soup Mix 20 Ramsay 
Soup Mix 21 Ramsay Soup Mix 22 Ramsay Soup Mix 24 Ramsay 
Soup Mix 25 Ramsay Soup Mix 26 Ramsay Soup Mix 28 Ramsay 
Soup Mix 29 Ramsay Soup Mix 3 Dice Mix 12mm Soup Mix 3 Dice Mix 6mm 
Soup Mix 3 Ramsay Soup Mix 30 Ramsay Soup Mix 32 Ramsay 
Soup Mix 4 Ramsay Soup Mix 5 Ramsay Soup Mix 6 Ramsay 
Soup Mix 7 Ramsay Soup Mix 8 Ramsay Soup Mix 9 Ramsay 
Soup Mix Broc Car Cauli 6mm Soup Mix Broc Car Cauli 12mm Soup Mix Pastie Mix 12mm 
Soup Mix Pastie Mix 6mm Stir Fry Brightwater Stir Fry Vegetable 
Vegetable Medley, Brightwater Zucchini Sushi Strips 210mm x 10mm Alfalfa 
Apple Custard Apple Diced Apple Fresh 
Apple Fuji Apple G/Delicious Apple Gala 
Apple Green Diced Apple Green Diced Skin On 2cm Apple Green Juicing 
Apple Peeled Apple Pink Lady Diced Apple Red Diced 
Apple Red Diced Skin On 20mm Apricot Artichoke 
Artichoke Jerusalem Asian Stir Fry Asparagus Baby 
Asparagus Bunch Asparagus Cut Asparagus kg 
Avocado 5kg Avocado ea Banana kg 
Banana Leaf Banana Second Basil 
Basil Loose Washed Leaf Only Basil Thai Bay Leaf Fresh 
Bean S/Less Bean Shoots Premium Bean Sliced 
Bean Snake kg Bean Stringless H/P Bean Topped & Tailed 
Beans Broad Beans Top & Tail Cut 1/2 Beetroot Baby bun 
Beetroot Baby Candy Stripe Beetroot Baby Peeled Beetroot Cooked 
Beetroot Diced Beetroot Gold Beetroot Julienne 
Beetroot kg Beetroot Peeled Beetroot Peeled & Diced 
Beetroot Shredded Beetroot Spaghetti Spirals Beetroot Wedge Peeled 
Bitter Gourd Blackberries Blueberries 
Bok Choy Bok Choy 1/4 Cut Bok Choy Shredded 
Bok Choy Washed Boysenberries Broccoli Diced 12mm 
Broccoli Diced 6mm Broccoli Floret Medium Broccoli Florets Large 
Broccoli Florets Small Broccoli Iced Broccoli Julienne Flower 
Broccoli kg Broccolini Brussel Sprout T&T Cut1/2 
Brussel Sprouts Cabbage Black Cabbage Chinese 
Cabbage Chinese Diced Cabbage Chinese Shredded Cabbage Diced 12mm 
Cabbage Diced 6mm Cabbage Green & Red Sliced Cabbage Green Diced 
Cabbage Green Diced 1cm x 1cm Cabbage Savoy Capsicum B.B.Q. 
Capsicum Green Capsicum Green Baton Capsicum Green Diced 
Capsicum Green Diced 12mm Capsicum Green Diced 6mm Capsicum Green Julienne 
Capsicum Green No2 Capsicum Green Rings Capsicum Green Sliced 
Capsicum Julienne Mixed Capsicum Mix Diced Capsicum Mix Diced 12mm 
Capsicum Mix Rings Capsicum Mix Sliced Fine Capsicum Mixed Strips 
Capsicum Red Capsicum Red Baton Capsicum Red Diced 
Capsicum Red Diced 12mm Capsicum Red Diced 2cm Capsicum Red Julienne 
Capsicum Red No2 Capsicum Red Rings Capsicum Red Sliced 
Capsicum Red Strips Capsicum Yellow Capsicum Yellow Baton 
Capsicum Yellow Cube H/Cut Capsicum Yellow Diced Capsicum Yellow Julienne 
Capsicum Yellow No2 Capsicum Yellow Sliced Carrot Angle H/Cut 
Carrot Baby Carrot Baby Peel Stem On Carrot Baton 
Carrot Baton Premium Carrot Brunoise Carrot Cut & Halved 20x40x75mm 
Carrot Diced Carrot Diced 12mm Carrot Diced 18mm 
Carrot Diced 20mm H/Cut Carrot Diced 6mm Carrot Heirloom Baby 
Carrot Juicing Carrot Julienne Carrot Julienne Short 
Carrot Peeled Carrot Purple Carrot Rings 
Carrot Roast 1/2 Cut 4-5cm Carrot Shredded Carrot Slice Angle 3mm 
Carrot Sliced Carrot Sliced 1/2 Angle 12mm Carrot Sliced 1/2 Angle 3mm 
Carrot Sliced 10mm Hand Cut Carrot Sliced 3mm Carrot Sliced 6mm 
Carrot Sliced Crinkle Cut Carrot Sliced Crinkle Cut Hand Pick Carrot Sliced H/Cut 
Carrot Turned Carrot Wedges Casserole Mix 
Cauliflower Cauliflower Diced Cauliflower Diced 12mm 
Cauliflower Diced 6mm Cauliflower Floret 25mm Cauliflower Florets Large 
Cauliflower Florets Small Cauliflower Sliced Celeriac 
Celeriac Diced Celeriac Peeled Celery 
Celery Angle Cut 4mm Celery Baton Celery Baton 6x1cm 
Celery Brunoise Celery Curls Celery Diced 12mm 
Celery Diced 18mm Celery Diced 6mm Celery Hand Angle Cut 
Celery Julienne Celery Sliced Celery Sliced 6mm H/Cut 
Cherries Chervil Chestnut 
Chickpeas Cooked Chicory Chilli Habanero 
Chilli Jalapeno Chilli Red Diced Finely H/Cut Chilli Red Sliced 
Chillie Red Julienne Chillies Birds Eye Chillies Green 
Chillies Red Chives Chives Garlic 
Chives Garlic Choy Sum Choy Sum Sliced 
Choy Sum Washed & Cut Coconut Coconut Drinking 
Coleslaw Dry Coleslaw Dry Premium Coleslaw Special Mix 
Coriander Kg Corn Baby Fresh Corn Cobbettes 
Corn Sweet Courgette Flower Courgettes 
Cous Cous Salad Crate Cleaning Charge Crate Trolley Plastic Frame 
Crate WA 84lt Crudites Full Platter Crudites Half Platter 
Crunchy Combo Cucumber Cucumber Baby Qukes 
Cucumber Baby x 250gm Cucumber Baton H/Cut Cucumber Continental 
Cucumber Continental Diced Cucumber Continental Kg Cucumber Kg 
Cucumber Lebanese Cumquats Curry Leaves 
Daikon Shredded Dates Californian Dates Medjool 
Dill Dill kg Dragon Fruit 
Dragon Fruit Kg Egg Plant Egg Plant Baby 
Egg Plant Baby Japanese Eggplant BBQ Eggplant Diced 12mm 
Eggplant Diced 20mm Eggplant Sliced Eggs 15doz 
Eggs Free Range Eggs Free Range Jumbo Eggs Fresh 700g 
Fennel Fennel Baby Fennel Bulb 
Fennel Bulb Fennel Bulb Diced Fennel Bulb Shredded 
Figs Flower Edible Fried Tofu x 250g 
Frozen Blackberries Frozen Blueberries Frozen Boysenberries 
Frozen Mango Frozen Mushroom Sliced Frozen Mushroom Whole 
Frozen Passionfruit Frozen Pomegranate Arils Frozen Raspberries 
Frozen Strawberries Fruit Kebabs Fruit Platter Large 
Fruit Platter Small Fruit Salad Bowl 250gm Fuyu Fruit 
Gallengal Garlic Garlic Peeled 
Garlic Purple Spanish Garlic Stems Gem Squash 
Ginger Bulb Ginger Peeled Grapefruit kg 
Grapefruit Segments Pink Grapes Red Globe Guava 
Hokkien Noodles x 1kg Honey Dew Diced Honey Dew ea 
Honeydew Diced 20mm Honeydew Peeled Whole Honeydew Sliced 
Honeydew Sliced 30gm Horseradish x 50gm Julienne Vegetables 
Kaffir Lime Leaves Kai Lan Kai Lan Sliced 
Kale Bch Kale Shredded Kale Washed 
Kang Kong Bch Kang Kong Washed Kiwi Fruit 
Kiwi Fruit Gold Kiwi Fruit x 10kg Kohlrabi 
Leek Leek Baby Ea Leek Diced 
Leek Diced 6mm Leek Diced 6mm Leek Kg 
Leeks Bunch Leeks Diced 12mm Leeks Julienne 
Leeks Sliced Lemon Grass Lemon Grass Kg 
Lemon Peeled & Diced Lemon Quartered Skin On Lemon Slices 
Lemon Wedges Lemon Zest Lemon Zest x 100gm 
Lemons Lemons Lemons Juicing 
Lentil Sprouts Lettuce Coral Green Lettuce Coral Green Kg 
Lettuce Coral Red Lettuce Coral Red Kg Lettuce Cos 
Lettuce Cos Baby Cut 3cm Lettuce Cos Baby Shredded Lettuce Cos Cut 
Lettuce Cos Gem x 2 Lettuce Cos Kg Lettuce Cos Shredded 
Lettuce Endive Lettuce Endive Washed Lettuce Festival Green 
Lettuce Festival Green Kg Lettuce Festival Red Lettuce Festival Red Kg 
Lettuce Frizee Lettuce Frizee Washed Lettuce Iceberg H/Cut Cube 
Lettuce Iceberg Kg Lettuce Iceberg Washed Lettuce Iceberg Washed 
Lettuce Iceberg x Crate Lettuce Mizuna Bunch Lettuce Mizuna Kg 
Lettuce Mizuna Washed Lettuce Radicchio Kg Lettuce Radicchio Washed 
Lime Wedges Limes Box Limes Kg 
Lite Diet Mix 12mm Lite Diet Mix 6mm Longan 
Luffa Lychee Mandarin 
Mandarin Mandarin each Mandarin Small 
Mango Mango Green Mango Large 
Mango Whole Kg Mangosteen Kg Marjoram 
Mesclun Asian Mix Mesclun Premium Mesclun Premium x 250g 
Mesclun Sunlong Micro Basil Micro Coriander 
Micro Herbs Mint Mint 
Mint Chopped Mint Kg Mint Vietnamese 
Mirepoix Mulberries Mung Beans Sprouts 
Mushroom A1 Box Mushroom A1 Kg Mushroom Abalone 
Mushroom Baby Field Mushroom Baby Field Mushroom BBQ 
Mushroom Button 1/2 Cut Mushroom Button 1/4 Cut Mushroom Button Box 
Mushroom Button Kg Mushroom Button Sliced Mushroom Diced 
Mushroom Diced 12mm Mushroom Diced 6mm Mushroom Enoki Pun 
Mushroom Field 1/4 Cut Mushroom Field Box Mushroom Field Kg 
Mushroom Field Medium Mushroom Field Sliced Mushroom No2 kg 
Mushroom Oyster Mushroom Oyster Baby King Mushroom Oyster King 400g 
Mushroom Portebello Field Mushroom Portobello Mushroom Portobello Hand Sliced 
Mushroom Seconds Mushroom Shimeji Mushroom Shitake 
Mushroom Sliced Mushroom Sliced (Swiss Brown & Field) Mushroom Sliced Button No2 
Mushroom Sliced kg Mushroom Sliced No 2 Mushroom Swiss Brown 
Mushroom Swiss Brown 1/2 Cut Mushroom Swiss Brown 1/4 Cut Mushroom Swiss Brown Hand Sliced 
Mushroom Swiss Brown Kg Mushroom Wood Ear Mustard Greens 
Mustard Greens Nectarine Nectarine 
Nectarine Nectarine White Nectarine White 
Okra Okra Onion Baby 
Onion Brown Diced 12mm Onion Brown Diced 18mm Onion Brown Diced 6mm 
Onion Brown No2 Onion Brown Sliced 1/2 Moon H/Cut Onion Brown Sliced Fine 
Onion Brown Wedge Onion Brown x 10kg Onion Brown x 2kg 
Onion Cocktail Peeled Onion Red Onion Red 1/4 Cut 
Onion Red Diced 12mm Onion Red Diced 20mm Onion Red Diced 25mm x 25mm 
Onion Red Diced 6mm Onion Spring Onion Spring Baton 4cm 
Onion Spring Curl Onion Spring Julienne 50mm Onion Spring Kg 
Onion Spring Sliced Onion Spring Whole Washed Onion White 
Orange Orange Orange Blood 
Orange Diced Orange Diced 20mm Orange Diced Skin On 6mm 
Orange each Orange Juicing Orange Juicing 
Orange Medium Orange Navel Orange Navel 
Orange Navel Rosy Pink Orange Navel Small Orange Peeled 
Orange Segments Orange Slices Orange Wedge 30g 
Orange Zest Oregano Oregano Bulk 
Pak Choy Pak Choy Kg Pak Choy Washed & Cut 
Pallet Panache Vegetable No Beans Panache Vegetables 
Panache Vegetables Roasting Pandan Leaves x 200gm Papaya Whole 
Paprika Paprika Parsley 
Parsley Curley Chopped kg Parsley Curley Washed bun Parsley Hand Chopped kg 
Parsley Italian kg Parsley Italian Washed bun Parsley Italian Washed kg 
Parsley Kg Parsnip Parsnip 
Parsnip 1/4 Cut Roast Parsnip Baby Parsnip Baton 
Parsnip Diced Parsnip Julienne Parsnip Peeled 
Parsnip Peeled & Shredded Parsnip Peeled Chunks Parsnip Sliced 
Parsnip Sliced 6mm Parsnip Wedges Passion Fruit 
Passion Fruit Kg Passionfruit Pastie Mix 
Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Paw Green Julienne 3mm 
Paw Paw Green Shredded Peach Peach 
Peach Pear Pear 
Pear Beurre Bosc Pear Corella Pear Fresh 
Pear Nashi Pear Nashi Pear Peeled 
Pear Red Pear Red Pears Diced 
Persimmon Fuyu Persimmon Fuyu Pineapple 
Pineapple B/Gold Kg Pineapple Diced Pineapple Diced 20mm 
Pineapple Juicing Pineapple Kg Pineapple Sugar 
Plum Plum Plum Cherry 
Pomegranate Pomegranate Kg Pomelo 
Potato Baby Potato Baby 30-40gm Potato Baby Cut 1/2 
Potato Baby Peeled Potato Baking Potato Baton 6mm 
Potato Chat Cut 1/2 Potato Chat Cut 1/4 Potato Chat Golf Ball Peeled 
Potato Chat Peeled Potato Chats Potato Chip 20mm 
Potato Chip R/Blue H/Cut Potato Chips Royal Blue Potato Desiree 
Potato Desiree Peeled Potato Diced Potato Diced 12mm 
Potato Diced 25mm Potato Diced 6mm Potato Diced Skin Off 
Potato Diced Skin On Potato Foiled Potato Foxton Wedges 
Potato Gourmet Potato Julienne Potato Kashmir Gold 
Potato Kipfler Potato Kipfler Peeled Potato Large 
Potato Large Potato Large Yellow Flesh Potato Nardine 200gm 
Potato Peeled 1/2 Cut Potato Peeled Cut 1/4s Potato Peeled Delaware 
Potato Peeled Golf Ball Potato Peeled Hand Cut Potato Peeled Sliced 
Potato Peeled Yellow Potato R/Blue Baby Potato R/Blue Diced 
Potato R/Blue Diced 20mm H/Cut Potato R/Blue Diced H/Cut Potato R/Blue Julienne 
Potato R/Blue Peeled Potato R/Blue Peeled 1/4 Cut Potato R/Blue Peeled Roast Cut 
Potato R/Blue Roast Cut Potato R/Blue Shredded Potato R/Blue Sliced 
Potato R/Blue Turned Potato Red Potato Red 
Potato Red Baby Potato Red Peeled Potato Roasting Cut 1/4 
Potato Royal Blue Potato Royal Blue Potato Royal Blue Baton 
Potato Royal Blue Wedges Potato Ruby Lou Potato Select 
Potato Select Peeled Potato Shredded Potato Sweet Baton 
Potato Sweet Cut Potato Sweet Diced Potato Sweet Diced 12mm 
Potato Sweet Diced 20mm Potato Sweet Diced 20mm Skin On Potato Sweet Diced 30mm H/Cut 
Potato Sweet Diced 6mm Potato Sweet Gold Potato Sweet Julienne 
Potato Sweet Large Potato Sweet Peeled Potato Sweet Peeled 5cm 
Potato Sweet Peeled Cut 50gm Potato Sweet Peeled Off Cut Potato Sweet Scallop H/Cut 
Potato Sweet Shredded Potato Sweet Sliced Potato Sweet Small 
Potato Sweet Spaghetti Spirals Potato Sweet Spoon Potato Sweet Turned 
Potato Sweet Wedges Potato Sweet White Potato Sweet White 
Potato Sweet White Peeled Potato Turned Potato Turned 50gm 
Potato Turned 6gm Potato Washed x 20kg Potato Wedge Gourmet 
Potato Wedge Peeled Potato Wedges R/Blue Skin On Potato White Peeled 150g 1/2 Cut 
Potato White Whole Potato x 10kg Potato x 4kg 
Potato Yellow Diced 12mm Potato Yellow Diced 18mm Potato Yellow Diced 20mm 
Potato Yellow Diced 6mm Potato Yellow Peeled Potato Yellow Peeled 1/4 cut 6cm x 4cm 
Potato Yellow Peeled Cut 5cm Potato Yellow Peeled Diced 6mm Potato Yellow Rumbled 
Potato Yellow Scallop H/Cut Potato Yellow Sliced Potato Yellow Sliced 6mm 
Pumpkin B/Nut Pumpkin B/Nut Pumpkin B/Nut Dice 20mm 
Pumpkin B/Nut Diced Pumpkin B/Nut Diced 12mm Pumpkin B/Nut Diced 15mm 
Pumpkin B/Nut Peeled Pumpkin B/Nut Sliced Pumpkin B/Nut Sliced 6mm 
Pumpkin B/Nut Spoon Pumpkin Bin Pumpkin Butternut Wedge 
Pumpkin Chunks Peeled Pumpkin Chunks Roasting Pumpkin Diced 
Pumpkin Diced 12mm Pumpkin Diced 20mm Pumpkin Diced 25mm 
Pumpkin Diced 30mm Pumpkin Diced 30mm H/Cut Pumpkin Diced 50mm 
Pumpkin Diced 6mm Pumpkin Diced H/Cut Pumpkin Halloween 
Pumpkin Japanese Pumpkin Japanese Pumpkin Japanese Baton 
Pumpkin Japanese Diced Pumpkin Japanese Peeled Pumpkin Japanese Roast Cut 
Pumpkin Japanese Sliced Pumpkin Julienne Pumpkin Kent Diced 30mm H/Cut 
Pumpkin kg Pumpkin Minikin Pumpkin Offcuts 
Pumpkin Peeled 5cm x 5cm Pumpkin Skin On 25-50mm Pumpkin Sliced 
Pumpkin Spoons Pumpkin Sweet Dumpling Pumpkin Turned 
Pumpkin Turned Pumpkin Wedge Cut Quinces 
Radicchio Washed Radish Radish Black 
Radish Chinese Radish Chinese Radish Chinese Julienne 
Radish Daikon Diced Radish Red Radish Red Kg 
Radish Red Sliced Radish Watermelon Radish White Julienne 
Radish White Shredded Rambutan Rambutan 
Rambutan Raspberries pun Ratatouille Vegetable 
Red Currants Rhubarb box Rhubarb Diced 
Rhubarb Diced 12mm Rhubarb kg Rhubarb Sliced 
Roast Root Vegetables 12mm Roast Vegetable Mixed Rock Melon Ea 
Rockmelon Diced Rockmelon Ex-Large Rockmelon Kg 
Rockmelon Medium Rockmelon Peeled Whole Rockmelon Sliced 
Roquette Roquette Wild Rosemary 
Rosemary Bulk Sage Sage Bulk 
Samphire Greens Shallots Shallots 
Shallots Peeled Shallots Sliced Shiso Red 
Silverbeet Silverbeet Silverbeet Kg 
Silverbeet Red Silverbeet Sliced Snow Pea Shoots 
Snow Pea Shoots Snow Pea Shoots x 140g Snow Pea Sprouts x 250g 
Snow Pea Tendrills Snow Peas Snow Peas Julienne 
Snow Peas Topped & Tailed Snow Peas Whole Snow Peas x 200g 
Soup Mix 10 Ramsay Soup Mix 12mm Soup Mix 12mm (No Potato) 
Soup Mix 32A Ramsay Soup Mix 6mm Soup Mix 6mm (No Potato) 
Soup Mix 7A Ramsay Soup Mix 7ZB Soup Mix Minestrone 
Sour Cream x 500ml Spinach Baby Washed Spinach English 
Spinach English Spinach English Kg Spinach Washed 
Squash Squash Squash Gold 
Squash Gold 1/4 Cut Squash Gold 1/8 Cut Squash Yellow Diced 12mm 
Squash Yellow Diced 6mm Star Fruit Stir Fried Asian Vegetables 
Strawberries Large Strawberries Medium Strawberry Medium 
Sugar Cane Sugar Snap Pea Top & Tailed Sugar Snap Peas 
Sugar Snap Peas Sunflower Sprouts x 125g Swede 
Swede Swede 1/4 Cut Roast Swede Baton 
Swede Diced Swede Diced Unpeeled 30 x 30mm Swede Julienne 
Swede Peeled Swede Peeled & Shredded Swiss Chard 
Tamarillo Tamarillo Taro 
Taro Tarragon Tarragon Kg 
Tatsoi Thyme Thyme Bulk 
Thyme Lemon Tofu Firm Fresh Tofu Fresh 
Tomato Cherry Tomato Cherry Tomato Cherry Cut 1/2 
Tomato Cherry Punnet Tomato Cherry Roma kg Tomato Cherry Roma pun 
Tomato Cherry Truss Tomato Cherry Truss Tomato Cherry Vine Ripened 
Tomato Cooking Tomato Cooking Box x 10kg Tomato Cored 
Tomato Cut 1/2 Tomato Diced Tomato Diced 12mm 
Tomato Diced 6mm Tomato Golf Ball Tomato Golf Ball Box 
Tomato Grape Tomato kg Tomato Kumato 
Tomato Kumato Kg Tomato Medium Tomato Medley 
Tomato No2 Tomato Roma Tomato Roma Box 
Tomato Roma Sliced Tomato Roma Truss Baby Tomato Salsa 
Tomato Semi Dried Tomato Semi Dried Sliced Tomato Sliced 
Tomato Truss Tomato Truss Tray x 4kg Tomato Vine Ripened x 4kg 
Tomato Wedges Tomato Yellow Cherry Tomato Yellow Teardrop 
Tumeric Turnip Turnip Baby 
Turnip Baton Turnip Diced Turnip Julienne 
Turnip Peeled Turnip Peeled & Shredded Turnip Wedges 
Turnips United Uni Bin Vegetable Kebab 
Vegetable Mix Carrot Parsnip Diced Vegetable Mix Carrot Swede Diced WA Bin 
Wanton Noodles Warrigal Greens Watercress 
Watercress Watercress x 250gm Watermelon 
Watermelon Watermelon Diced 20mm Watermelon Peeled Whole 
Watermelon S/Less Watermelon S/less Diced Watermelon Seedless 
Watermelon Sliced Watermelon Wedge 30gm Whipping Cream x 600ml 
Whitloff Red Whitloff White Winter Melon 
Winter Melon Wok Vegetables Wood Bin 
Zucchini 1/2 Slice Zucchini 1/4 Cut Roast Zucchini Baby 
Zucchini Baton Zucchini Diced Zucchini Diced 12mm 
Zucchini Diced 20mm Zucchini Diced 30mm Zucchini Diced 6mm 
Zucchini Gold Zucchini Gold Zucchini Gold Baton 
Zucchini Gold Diced Zucchini Green Zucchini Green 
Zucchini Julienne Zucchini Kg Zucchini Ribbon Green 
Zucchini Roast 1/2 Cut Zucchini Shredded Zucchini Sliced 
Zucchini Sliced 6mm Zucchini Sliced H/Cut Zucchini Spaghetti Spirals